Wood and plywood

Our lasers can achieve designs of various shades of brown on the same piece of wood. We laser engrave solid wood, plywood, hardboard, balsa, MDF, and other types of fiberboard. We can also engrave wood that has been lacquered or stained.

  • Engraving is an alternative to hot stamping.

  • The color of the engraved design depends not only on the type of wood, but also on the method of engraving.

  • In comparison with stamping, much finer detail can be achieved with engraving.

  • Any kind of wood can be engraved, including wood that has a surface finish.

  • The machines we use to engrave wood and plywood can also be used for cutting.

  • Lasers cut wood with high precision and do not produce waste in the form of sawdust.

Compared to stamping,
engraving results in
much finer detail.

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